Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adam and Avery's Story

We so appreciate all the love and phone calls regarding Avery's condition. Someone came up with this blog idea to keep you all informed. As you know, Avery and Adam were in a car wreck and our precious Adam went to see Jesus as he told us he would. Avery is in the ICU at OU Children's Hospital with minor fractures in her ankle and two areas of bleeding in her brain. She's mostly unresponsive and very comfortable surrounded by all the people who love her. The last neurology report was this morning and the neurologists said she was the picture of a child who was going to get better, not worse. Chelsea's heart is broken, but we all concur that she's the bravest, most beautiful woman we've seen in a long time. The occasions when Chelsea giggles are a true gift. Chelsea's husband, Bobby Kessler, has taken on the respectful role of never leaving his wife's side. She is currently 6 months pregnant with their second child together, which motivates her to eat properly and get as much rest as possible. Avery's father, Erik Stutts, is struggling with things no father should have seen, but is hanging on. Currently the waiting room is packed with family living on too little sleep and more than enough food and coffee to keep us going.

Our favorite story of this horrible time, which gives us unbelievable comfort, is Adam's last conversation with his dad. He was discussing the topic of God, and told Erik not to be sad, that he was going to heaven before daddy. He had apparently been talking about God and Heaven over the last couple of months. He told us he knew God existed because He talked to Adam. It's comforting to know that God took such special interest in Adam and used him to give us comfort when we didn't even know we would need it.

An account has been opened at Midfirst Bank to accept donations on Avery's behalf. The family is without health insurance, and the hospital bills will likely be astronomical. You can go to any Midfirst bank and deposit money in the name of Avery Stutts. But more than that, we covet your prayers of complete healing for our little girl. Thank you so much for the help we have already received; your contributions have not gone unnoticed.

We will try to update the blog everyday and respond to any comments that we receive. Once again, we can not thank you enough for the overwhelming amount of love and support during this trying time.