Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Day Avery got her Big cast taken off!

Wednesday, April 14

Avery letting her green balloon go for Adam

Avery's Welcome home party with her friend, Tatum

Avery has been home for 2 weeks now. She makes us proud every day. She is an amazing girl, and she has come so far in such a short time.
After she got her full cast off on April 2nd and into a walking cast, I think she was still having some pain in her ankle. She didn't want to walk on it and would say it hurts if she tried, and "I can't walk," or "I don't know how to walk".
On Sunday morning when she woke up, she said, "Mom, my leg doesn't hurt anymore! I can walk!" She climbed out of bed and I took her hands and she walked out into the living room. Since then, she has been able to walk as long as she has a hand to hold, and we have not used her wheelchair at all.
She is still shaky and wobbly at times, especially when she gets tired, but she is coming along very well. I have never been so proud of my little girl, she is the strongest girl I have ever known. I know she still has quite a bit of recovering to do, but she has gone way above and beyond what was expected of her already and I couldn't ask for more.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another big step!

Avery got her lovely purple cast off her leg yesterday, and now has a pink walking cast. Great news!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Gigi here.  I started back to work and have been neglecting the blog.  Gratefully Chelsea wrote to you and isn't she just beautiful.  Chelsea and Bobby threw a welcome home party for Avery last night.  It was just heartwarming to see their home filled with friends and family and to hear the little girls playing and laughing.  Ronnie was a light in the room and I think we wore him out!  Bobby and I agreed after the party that we are really blessed to have the support we've had, and that we all appreciate not only the children, but each other so much more.  Adam's loss and his life have touched so many people and taught us all so much.  So it was a beautiful celebration, and yet Adam's absence was with me.  Thoughts of him make me smile..always, but we are sure going to miss him. 

God is good, and carries me when I can't walk.  Thanks God.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Avery is coming home!

Today is Avery's last day at the Children's Center. We have been so fortunate to have her here for her rehabilitation. The staff and all of her therapists, practitioners, and doctors have been wonderful and she has come so far in only a few weeks.

I feel so blessed to have her and to be able to bring her home. She is truly a miracle, and it has given me so much joy to watch her recover so quickly. I want to thank all of our wonderful family and friends for all your love, prayers, and support throughout this time. It has really helped me to get through the days knowing that so many people are thinking of us and Avery. You have all been amazing and I will be forever grateful.

Avery is getting back to her old self more and more every day. She is talking, laughing, and playing just like a 3 year old again. She is eating a full diet and has actually gained 5 lbs since she has started eating on her own again.

She is so excited to be going home again, and I think it will be good for her to get back and try to get in a regular routine, at least as much as possible. It is going to be hard for her when she realizes that her brother, Adam is not there, but we will be there to guide her, and want her to talk about him as much as she can.

I miss Adam more and more every day, and the longer he has been gone, the more it sinks in, and the more painful it gets. There has been a huge hole in our hearts and in our lives without him, but I know he is still here with us, watching over us all. I am so blessed to have been given the gift of being Adam's mommy. He was such an amazing boy. Adam has been my strength, Avery has given me hope, Ronald has given me joy, and little Freedom has given me health and something special to look forward to. My husband, Bobby has been so amazing to me and he has given me so much strength, love, and support, and we have helped each other to make it through this difficult time. I am so lucky to have such wonderful children, and such a great husband. They are the light of my life.

So, we are packed up and ready to move on to the next chapter life has to offer. I know Avery is going to keep getting better and better, and it will be wonderful to watch her grow and learn more every day.


Monday, March 29, 2010

More Photos!

Avery Coloring at the Children's Center 3-24-10
The Princess at the Omniplex! 3-27-10


Well, things are progressing toward Avery being discharged from the Children's Center some time the first of next week.  She has a CAT scan today, and then an appointment with the Neurologist I believe on Tuesday.
Avery got to go the the Oklahoma Science Museum...whatever...I still call it the Omniplex.  She went with Aunt Corie and Chelsea and Bobby.  I hear they had a blast.  Avery tried to climb out of bed all by herself yesterday and Chelsea said she stood for a minute, but lost her balance with the cast on.  I'm so anxious for it to come off, and so is Avery.  She sais she's ready to walk.  (Another miracle...thank you!)  I should be really patient because God has given us so much blessing so fast...but it feels so good to see Avery become herself again.  I think we all really needed this little girl to cheer for, and I'm just so grateful that she is looking like she will make a full recovery. 

I have to say the hole inside me is deep and wide, that Adam left behind.  Some days it's bigger than others.  Please pray for Chelsea and Bobby and the children as they settle back into their own house next week.  There is so much healing ahead.  Gigi