Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, things are progressing toward Avery being discharged from the Children's Center some time the first of next week.  She has a CAT scan today, and then an appointment with the Neurologist I believe on Tuesday.
Avery got to go the the Oklahoma Science Museum...whatever...I still call it the Omniplex.  She went with Aunt Corie and Chelsea and Bobby.  I hear they had a blast.  Avery tried to climb out of bed all by herself yesterday and Chelsea said she stood for a minute, but lost her balance with the cast on.  I'm so anxious for it to come off, and so is Avery.  She sais she's ready to walk.  (Another miracle...thank you!)  I should be really patient because God has given us so much blessing so fast...but it feels so good to see Avery become herself again.  I think we all really needed this little girl to cheer for, and I'm just so grateful that she is looking like she will make a full recovery. 

I have to say the hole inside me is deep and wide, that Adam left behind.  Some days it's bigger than others.  Please pray for Chelsea and Bobby and the children as they settle back into their own house next week.  There is so much healing ahead.  Gigi

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  1. Rest in Peace to Adam;
    im glad lil ms Avery is getting better.
    and i wish you all lots of luck as the long road of healing continues.