Monday, March 22, 2010

Avery Update Monday

It's a sleepy Monday for this Gigi.  I spent the night with Miss Avery last night and she is following the family tradition of being a nightowl!  We watched Scamper the Penguin (which she picked out) and even I was ready to crash before she was.  So...we talked.  Avery is talking a lot more now.  Everything is about the same except she eats more, talks more and faster and she's getting onrier by the day.  Nothing has changed with her eating habits..she still chews each bite in slow motion and chews a good 30 times for each bite!  Chelsea and I worked together to get lunch down and I've never appreciated pudding so much in my life!  
Oh well, don't confuse this with complaining because everything Avery does these days is a miracle. 

Again, thank you everyone for your prayers.  Our little Avery is resembling the Avery we all know and love more each day.  The doctor says no more feeding tube at night, and we look forward to the day they take that thing out.  And her cast should be taken off in about 2 weeks and then Avery may be able to come home a week after that.  Can you believe it? 

Chelsea said they are going to talk to her a little bit about Adam today.  That's going to be really hard, but they are just going to move slowly.  We think she shows a little sadness when his name is mentioned, so who knows how much she understands about his absence.  Lots of hard steps have been taken so far and lots still to come, but God continues to lead us and bless us.


  1. We praise the Lord for Avery's recovery and will continue to lift your family in prayer. Although you don't know us, we have been following your blog and everytime I catch up I seem to end in tears :) Avery is such a wonderful little blessing and gift from God and we thank you for sharing your story to touch others lives. Praise the Lord!

  2. I too come to tears each time I read the blog and thank God for her progress and the loving family that surrounds her. God's healing hands are continually at work!. It is so wonderful to hear that people come out of the woodwork to give prayer and help with the family. Love you all and remember that you all need to take care of yourselves also. You are all in my prayers. Barb