Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello friends and family. This is Darbi, Adams and Avery's Gigi. Words just can't describe the beauty of yesterday's service for Adam and the overwhelming love my family felt from each person who shared it with us, and from the community. I will never forget it, and the poise and grace exhibited by Chelsea, Bobby, and Eric in standing before the service and sharing their heartache and hopes with us all. I am proud to know and love each of them. As this has been such a heartbreaking time for us all, there have been many miracles and answered prayers as well.

This morning Chelsea said Avery was awake all morning. She doesn't really focus her eyes yet, but opens them and opened her little mouth and squeezed her Mommy's hand and the nurses hand as well. She had an MRI done yesterday and the results were happy ones. There is no spinal cord damage or neck damage! They were able to take that bothersome, but protective neck brace off. When I arrived at the hospital after the service yesterday my little angel grandbaby was laying there with pigtail adorned with red ribbons courtesy of the nurses, and a beautiful ring of silk flowers on her head. The day before Chelsea had placed Avery's tiara on her head that is shown here in her picture. What a beautiful Mommy.

So after some much needed sleep, and sadly sending my amazing family off on planes and by car, I am anxious to finally get to Avery's side and pray, and watch God work his miracles. Words can't express how grateful we are for you all, who are holding us up. The world truly is a beautiful place you know....

We love you.
Avery's Family

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