Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's Gigi again updating on the status of Avery girl. Sorry it's been a couple of days....I spent the night last night with Avery at her new facility. Every day we see a little brighter light in her eyes. She is smiling and laughing more often and her hands are moving more and faster than before. Avery's weak from her injury and from laying in bed for 2 weeks, but is growing in strength with her new therapies she is undergoing. The nurses, therapists, and doctors at The Children's Center are wonderful and excited to bring Avery back to her little happy bouncy self once again. My girlfriends came to visit from "back home"...Connie and Lori and they said we need some new pictures of Avery, because they feel much better after seeing her today. Connie especially cracked her up! So, I'll get one of the kids to upload some new pics, because she is looking much more like herself.

Avery's not speaking yet, and I can't wait to hear her little voice, but for now her smile lights up my days and that laughter....well you know.....:} Love, Gigi

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