Friday, March 19, 2010

The Voice of an Angel!

Yesterday was an amazing day!  Avery spoke finally, several times! And she successfully completed her swallow test, so this morning for the first time she feasted on pancakes and eggs and is going to get a lunch tray also, since she did so well with breakfast!  So many prayers were answered in one day.  My lesson lately has been that because of man's choices, trajedy happens in our lives, but because of God's goodness and mercy, he displays his love for us in these heartbreaking times by the miracle of recovery, and by carrying us (me) through to a place where we can smile and celebrate in spite of the sadness. 

And it was all smiles around Avery's bed when the speech therapist asked Avery her name and she used her voice, to slowly say Avery!  Then she proceeded to send me flying by saying Gigi four times in all.  She is still slow in her speech and some of it we can't understand, but it's her sweet little voice that we haven't heard in such a long time, and she just smiles so big when she talks.  Yesterday we saw some of the old personality we all love, and she was onry and laughing.  She even said "I love you", to her Mommy and Aunt Corie.

Aunt Michelle is back from West Virginia and came on the right day to see so many miracles.  We're so happy she's home for a few days. 

We have a lot of rehabilitation yet ahead, but these milestones are so uplifting.  Mommy is feeling the "tired" now that it is evident that Avery will keep improving, so anyone who has a couple of hours to spare might contact her or Bobby.  I think maybe she will rest now a little.  She and Bobby have been amazing to all of us since the accident.  Chelsea is gentle and quiet, but she sure is leading our whole family.  I'm so proud she's my daughter. 

I'm off to the hospital.  Sorry, to those of you who received the text I sent at 12:30 am...I was excited.


  1. Oh fantastic! Great news. So many are praying for Avery - More than you know!

  2. AMAZING! So nice to hear of her improvement.

  3. yay!! im soo glad Avery is getting better. :)

  4. Hello! I am Grandma LaPrima's neighbor, Hollie, I am so happy to hear this little booger is getting better so quickly! I knew nothing would keep this little cutie down! Redheads just get it done! (I have always loved sharing in being a redhead with Adam and Avery! I always teased them that they didn't have as many freckles as I do) I have kept up with Avery's progress by asking LaPrima, but this blog is amazing and I am sure it helps with the healing. Good luck Miss Avery! We can't wait till you are swing with us in the backyard again!
    Hollie, Chirs, Cameron, and Dylan