Thursday, March 11, 2010

We've moved!

Great news! Avery has been transferred to Bethany Children's Center for rehabilitation. These people are wonderful! We no more got her in her new room than the doctors started coming in with positive words and seemingly excited to get started. OU Childrens Hospital saved our little girl's life, and hopefully the Children's Center will now restore her to the little Avery we hope to see again.

Avery started her recovery this morning and rewarded us with a big smile and laughter. A LOT, according to Mom. What a miracle. She's not talking yet, but we're patient and know it won't be long until we hear her sweet voice again.

My wonderful Southwest Airlines family had a benefit yesterday and raised funds to help me along so I can afford to stay with Avery for a while. They are just beautiful people and great know who you all are. God Bless You! I love you all. What a godsend this job has been in my life.

Keep praying friends and family. God is at work as we speak.


  1. We are so happy to hear all the positive progress! All of you are going to remain in our prayers. Keep us posted :)

  2. Praise God! That is great news and makes me smile! :) We're still praying!

  3. Wonderful! Everyday is a milestone. :D